How to Fix Carpet Seams

 You’ve got a beautiful carpet surface in your home, but after a while you’ll see a carpet seam wearing out and sticking out far too much in your space.

You might find a line of carpet sticking out from the rest of the surface or maybe some snags of carpet fabrics being bunched together and likely to be caught in something like a vacuum cleaner or someone’s footwear.

how to hide carpet seams

These hassles are often tough to work with because they can cause some parts of your carpeted space to tear up and wear out fast.

Carpet seams can be difficult to maintain and cover, but you have to look at what you can do to resolve those issues.

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle when trying to fix up a carpet seam in your home.

A few steps can help you get any seam-related issues under control without risking anything coming apart or otherwise getting worse than it already is.

You must be careful with applying anything that you wish to use in your carpet space though.

Apart from carpet seams, another thing we face the problem in carpet, when we try to clean it out. Sometimes We hire the professional and sometimes we DIY. We recommended to hire a Pro in the business area and for sophisticated home

Follow Any of These Processes to Fix Your Carpet Seams:

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Process 1

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Process 2

Glue Gun
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Process 1: Carpet Tape

Your first choice for fixing a carpet seam is to use a carpet tape material. This is an item that will affix itself on two sides.

  • The first side will stay on the base board that the carpet is under.
  • The second will go on the under-body of the carpet itself.

This solution works best for cases where you have a piece of carpet that sticks out and might be hard to handle on its own.

1. Measure the length of the seam that needs to be fixed.

2. Measure the carpet tape you will add on the surface. Be sure to cut the carpet tape to fit the length.

3. Pull an edge of the carpet back.

4. Draw a line on the floor at the edge where a part of the carpet meets the floor. You can use a pencil in this case.

5. Pull the carpet back by a smaller bit to allow for enough room to add the carpet tape to.

6. Affix the carpet tape over the pencil line you have drawn. Keep the tape as evenly over the center of the surface as possible. This works best when you have someone to help you hold up one of the carpet edges.

7. Roll the carpet down onto the tape. Be sure the edges meet accordingly.

8. Apply some weight onto the carpet at this point. The seams should be secure and flat on the ground at this point.


Process 2: Glue Gun

Your second option for securing a carpet seam is to use a glue gun.

A glue gun works on fraying surfaces and will help you to glue those spaces back together so they do not stick out much.

Specifically, the glue gun will work on the backing material used here to keep the surface from sticking out far too much.

This works provided that you are cautious with how the glue material will move onto a spot and how you get it heated up.

1. Cut a fraying space with scissors. This exposes the spot that the seam is coming apart from.

2. Add hot glue from the glue gun into the space that opened up. Apply the glue onto the backing of the surface so the risk of the other carpet fibers burning up will be minimal.

3. Affix the two pieces of carpet you are trying to link together onto the backing.

4. Apply a heavy weight onto the surface.


Process 3: Seam Sealer

 A carpet seam sealer can also be used on your carpet surface.

This is a material that you apply onto the edges of your carpet to keep it from coming apart before it is installed. This works best in cases where you have carpet seams coming out from the corners or ends of the carpet that need to be placed back in their original spots.

1. Open the area around the carpet that the seam is located at.

2. Add a seam sealer material around the backing area or the floor base. Do not apply too much as you only want to cover the spot that the seam itself is located at.

3. Make sure the seam sealer moves into the raw edges of the carpet as you get the surface sealed up right.

4. Place the carpet back down and add enough weight onto the surface to reinforce the seam in its place.


What Alternative Do I Have Other Then Fixing by My Own?

If you don’t want to take that much of hassle, you can hire a professional local carpet contractor.

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Final Words: Each of these options for how to fix carpet seams are worthwhile solutions to help you with getting the most out of your carpet.

Be sure you look at each of these options to help you fix up problems you might come across within your carpet space.

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