Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies Near Me

Carpets are delightful to have in the home.

But when we think of the cleaning process, we feel a brain aneurysm coming on.

Wherefore, there are a lot of companies that offer the best professional carpet cleaning as a service. In this article, we will walk you through with the top 6 best professional carpet cleaning companies in America.

Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

With this new service in the offing, choosing the best professional carpet cleaners is the next step.

Considering these companies will be coming to your home to offer the service, you need a company that is legitimately registered and trustworthy.

We understand the burden of going through hundreds of companies to find the gem, so we did it for you.

Below is a list of the best residential carpet cleaner companies. Find yourself the best carpet cleaning deals and rest easy knowing your carpet needs are met.

Sometime you may face a problem to fix your carpet seams, there is an easy way to do it.

Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies Review:

1. Amazon Service

Expertise in any field begs the question of their legality, i.e. are they registered?

Given anything, Amazon home services have fulfilled all the legal obligations that clients would require.

amazon carpet cleaning service

They don’t have a specific cleaning service company as such, but they screen the best pros in the market and enlist their services on the Amazon website.

Amazon services are dubbed Amazon Pros. They are a selection of the best pros offering different services in the market.

All these companies are handpicked. For any business transactions, Amazon Pros maintains a certain necessary insurance to safeguard the materials under their care.

As far as pricing is concerned, there are other cheaper carpets cleaning services, but cheap is not always the best value.

Amazon Pros offer different quotations for professional carpet cleaning. The quotations depend on the office or house size. The estimate is usually $90-$100 for a 200 square feet area. For any rooms that don’t fit into the estimate, Amazon Pros will come to your home and do a physical assessment to determine the cost.

In the event that you want to reschedule or cancel the home service, it’s easy. You can cancel or reschedule your order from your Amazon account.

You may not receive a refund in the event of a cancellation, but a rescheduling can work in your favor.

Amazon Features:

Among the services offered include;

  • Pro upgrade carpet and rugs cleaning plus hallways.
  • Removal of dirt and debris including the so-called permanent stains from rug and carpets.
  • Carpet deodorizing and protection in the selected or all rooms.
  • Special deep carpet cleaning services at the client’s request.

  • They handpick the pros for you; you just have to compare and choose the services you’d prefer.
  • Free price estimates from competitive pros and gets to pick the ones that suit you best as a client.
  • The calculations are done depending on the work required for each service.
  • Easy reschedules and cancellation.
  • Quick and efficient services.

  • General setbacks like any other professional carpet cleaner.

2.  Home Advisor

Home Advisor is an umbrella company providing home or office improvements. It is a fully registered and legitimate company. Clients get to choose from an array of services what suits them.

Carpet cleaning is among the services that they offer, but Really, Home Advisor is all about tailor making services to suit their customers’ needs.

Home advisor carpet cleaning service

Home Advisor has over a hundred thousand service professionals specializing in over five hundred categories of home services. Once you make your request, Home Advisor will link you to the best contractor for your service.

Their prices widely vary depending on your location and the size of the carpet you need to be cleaned. Their quotations start from $35, but a physical assessment is required to determine the final price.

Features of Home Advisor:

  • Easy access to contractors.
  • Instantly book appointments with carpet cleaning services.
  • Continuously track the contractors and your home projects.
  • Discover and compare the different professional opinions and their price comparisons.

With regards to this article their services include:

  • Carpets and rugs cleaning both at home, office or offsite.
  • Drapes and curtain setting cleaning.
  • Home and office furniture upholstery.
  • Additions and remodels.
  • Emergency home and interior repairs.

  • Specializes in more than 500 home improvements including carpet and rugs cleaning.
  • True cost guide which is free.
  • Daily updates of project costs.
  • Customized local and national costs.
  • Services offered in over 50 cities in the USA

  • General setbacks of cleaning companies.

Sometimes it’s hard to make a choice from the options given, especially when the services are similar, I too, have been there and getting linked to the best professional carpet cleaning services kind of simplifies the choices for you.

3. Porch.com

Porch.com is another website that has taken upon itself to connect clients to the home improvement contractors they need.

It is a fully registered and legitimate company. It houses over a hundred home improvement services including carpet cleaning.

porch carpet cleaning service

The individual cleaning companies that do the actual service are fully vetted to ensure they are legitimate and offer quality services. As far as deals are concerned, the best carpet cleaning deals are found on Porch.com.

The first thing Porch.com does when you request for their services is asking you to fill out a questionnaire about your requirements and expectations. This helps them to determine to price and finding the right contractor for the job.

Therefore, the pricing will depend on the particular contractor you get, your requirements, location and size of the job.

Porch.com features:

General services are done by Porch.com apart from home services with regards to this article include;

  • Landscaping including interior décor services.
  • Remodeling.
  • Handy man’s works like plumbing and basic home-ware installations.
  • Best home cleaning services including deep cleaning.
  • General contracting and furniture relocations.

  • Comprehensive home services.
  • Timely inquires and finishing of jobs.
  • Available in over 50 cities.
  • Suitable while budgeting for the overhaul of residential makeup.

  • General setbacks in duty performance.

Generally, before availing the services of carpet cleaners, you would have ascertained the expectations as to which type of service do you require, either deep carpet cleaning services or cheap carpet cleaning services.

All these services are offered by porch.com. and the prices are given on estimates, though feasibility study is usually done with regards to the customer demands.  Their customer services are available round the clock.

4. Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh is the go-to company when considering carpet or rugs cleaning among other services.

They have this added advantage of oxygen-powered carpet cleanings system. They oxygenated cleaning system helps in breaking down hard stains and spots for removal.

oxi fresh carpet cleaning service

When considering deep carpet cleaning services, Oxi offers this revolutionary system that reaches deep into the carpet. Dog lovers and big families do understand the need for deep cleaning services.

This new system also cuts the downtime of carpet drying.

Basically, they are among the cleaning companies that are going green. Competently they offer their services trying not to rely on harsh chemicals or on soaking your carpets.

Oxi Fresh Attributes:

Among other services;

  • Offers upholstery services.
  • Tile and grout installation.
  • Sand-less wood floors cleanings.
  • Carpet and Rug Cleaning.
  • Upholstery Cleaning.
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning.
  • Wood Floor Cleaning.
  • Odor Elimination.

5. Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer is well-positioned to provide you with the best residential carpet cleaning services.

stanley steemer carpet cleaning service

They are professional deep cleaners and span 280 networked franchises. Customer service is around the clock which is pretty convenient for emergency purposes.

Stanley Steemer provides exclusive hot-water extraction method.  This loosens the dirt, lifting up the stains and debris from the carpets. This process makes the drying time shorter with 95 percent moisture suctioning from the carpet.

Stanley Steemer is a fully accredited company.

Stanley Steemer Features:

  • Initial analysis of the client’s carpets, including the permanent stains and foul odors on the carpet.
  • Use of highly-effective hot-water extraction method, this removes deeper stains that may not even be visible to the naked eye.
  • Responsive and reputable carpet cleaning service available 24/7.
  • Superior equipment that we manufacture ourselves.
  • Highly-trained technicians, no subcontractors.
  • The geographic scope that reaches 95 percent of the U.S. population.

6. Sears Clean

Sears Carpet Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning offers carpet cleaning services.

sears clean carpet cleaning service

They have a system that removes dirt and restores carpet to its former fresh state. The two-step professionally recognized carpet cleaning system give them their competitive advantage.

A company is as competent as its staff, and that’s how sears have managed to stay on top of their game. They maintain and train exceptional staff dedicated to their duties.

Sears Clean Attributes:

Our professional service includes:

  • Trained, courteous service technicians that possess lengthy experience with carpet cleaning equipment and techniques.
  • Scheduling flexibility to allow for service calls that fit your busy schedule.
  • Special carpet protectors and deodorizers.
  • A unique extraction system that allows your carpet to dry quickly after servicing.
  • FREE estimates on all cleaning services.


You know it’s all about the services and value for your money.

Companies will keep growing, so the best you can do is fund the best one for your needs.

Read clients’ reviews from real customers because they are the best way to learn about a company’s quality of service. Check out the pricing as well as the rescheduling and cancellation policies before selecting the company of your choice.

Ever used services from any of the company above? Give us a comment, sharing your experience will be highly appreciated.

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