Best Handyman Services in the USA

There are almost countless possible ways through which a home could be put to the finest of shapes.

These are mostly dependent on the owner’s taste and the expertise of the technicians involved.

Whichever way, a good handyman can spot the minute difference that switches a hell to paradise in a home.

Find The Best Handyman Services Near Me

What makes the real difference is how the finishing touches are done. From the bathrooms, the color and heights of window blinds, to how the interior and exterior paints are done, getting the best handyman is non-negotiable.

You need to find a handyman who knows what’s to be done and how to get them done. You need hands that will not only provide quality services but will do at an affordable cost.

Sometimes by repairing your house, you don’t get the desired design when you do the interior. In that case, you can get a masonry to give a specific shape of your desire, or you can redesign it by doing the demolition.

Nearest Handyman Services Around

Giving my homes a facelift shouldn’t be a problem because getting the best handyman near me is now easy.

From Amazon handyman services, you can log online and find your perfect choice a few minutes away. You can also quickly check handyman services reviews online before making your decision. So, you don’t have to endanger yourselves by handing over your electrical jobs to a quack.

You shouldn’t also break the bank for services that can be fixed by local professional experts.

Here are so of the best handymen around.

1. Amazon Handyman Services:

Getting your ideal handyman is easiest with Amazon, the world most popular online market. Here, I will find handyman services near me and review the handyman services simultaneously.

From electrical installations to repairs, bathroom repairs, painting and outdoor/indoor repairs, you will be spoilt for choices.

You can find the right handyman, check out his fees, services and can also make your choices from a specific location.

Amazon Handyman Service Review

Amazon’s handyman checklist and cost

The advantage here is that, wherever you live, you can get good handyman services on Amazon.

And, the price depends on the number of hours, the type of job, and the materials needed. But here is the best part: Amazon screened the handymen on their list.

They undertake silence background checks and insurances, so you don’t have to fears. More so, these professionals are constantly reviewed openly online.

Services Available

The services provided are by no means exhaustible, so far it relates to making your home befitting. But, here are some of the services listed on Amazon:

  • Repairs of Drywall
  • Installation of light fixtures
  • Installation of Garbage disposal
  • Bed Assembly
  • Installation of different kinds of faucets
  • Bathroom and toilet replacement.

Below are some of the projected times to fix your jobs.

  • Repairing your drywall will take between 2-3 hours depending on the damage done.
  • You will have to spare about 4 hours for hanging doors.
  • Be prepared for about 2-3 hours if you are hanging selves.
  • Installing babyproofing and other products for children safety will last for about 3 hours.
  • Depending on the type of window, replacing window glass should last between 3-4 hours.
  • Lastly, fixing woodworks will take between 3-4 hours.

Amazon Handyman Review

Without any doubt, here is one of the most dependable sources for a good handyman service nationwide.

Most of the background job about the technicians are already done. However, you may need to carefully review what others are saying about individual service provider before making your choice. Below is a sample of review for a particular service provider.

Amazon Handyman Service public review

Reading this reviews and rating should clear any doubt that Handyman to the Rescue is doing great on Amazon.

Once you lock this end, get on and do the proper negotiation, you are good.

Verdict: Recommended.

2. Netorx Handyman Services:

Here is another platform to get the best handyman to help you achieve the dreamed facelift around the house.

This US-based business has been around since 2004 and worked with several homeowners and clients. From little repairs, casual installations and fixing around the home to major projects, you are adequately covered.

The advantage is that, you have resources, times and money saved using a handyman than getting the job contracted. Even more, if you take your checklist properly, you will have the same quality of work.

Networx Handyman Service near me

Services, Charges and Time

Like Amazon, Netork links you up with the right professionals and you work-out the prices. Charges are mostly based on the number of hours involved but you can come to compromise for large projects.

Some of the Services here are:

  • Door repairs
  • Single small projects around the house
  • Multiple small projects around the house
  • Window glass installation or repairs
  • Installations or repairs of doors.
  • Fixing of window frames
  • Outdoor and indoor painting
  • Repairs of cabinets
  • Tie and grout work
  • Repairs of cabinets
  • Bathroom repairs
  • Electrical installations and replacement
  • And many more

Here is how it works.

  • Click the link requesting for service
  • Fill in your details
  • The info helps you connect with handymen for you to reviews their works and make choices.
  • For proper reviews, you can look through their profiles and read reviews of works done before.
  • You then go ahead, discuss the works, the time involved and the cost.
  • After these, you make your choice and fix the dates.

Review of Netork

The biggest advantage here is that you see the profile and the reviews of the previous jobs done. The contract is clear, simple and well-documented. To help you negotiate properly, you can also check a link that gives you price guide on Netork.

You will also be able to report back to the platform and get attention if there is any violation.

Verdict: Recommended

3. Porch Handyman Service:

Porch is an online marketplace based in Seattle and started operations in 2013. It’s a popular platform that can help you get your home projects fixed without much hassle.

You post the project and have contractors from the platforms bid or hire a service provider to come over and fix the job.

Porch handyman home repair service


The unique feature of the platforms is its Porch Pro contractors and countless Porch Services for users to choose from instantly. For Porch Services, you select a Handyman and have him comes over to the house to fix your job. Before he comes over, you both discuss the job, set a price and make payment on the platform.

One of the advantages is that there is a protection system in place. You can make claims or refund if you are dissatisfied with the job done.

Fortunately, you are guaranteed that the operators would have run professional background checks on the handyman you choose.

On the other hand, however, the second portal leads you to make transactions through Porch Pro. Here, you aren’t making an initial deposit; you discuss, agree and continue the job offline. Understandably, recovery and claims aren’t part of the promise here. You deal with all that with the company even though you can still do reviews online.

The whole processes are pieces of cake; you walk through in no time. Once you’ve decided what you needed to do, you can find your handyman through several methods.

One, you can use project types he’s done and uses the cost you want. You can check the service providers’ licenses, jobs, expertise and other measures in line with your preferences. Also, you may also check those also used in the neighbourhood the see those endorsed.

Review and Conclusion

One advantage here is that you have protection and you can make claims where necessary.

Also, the processes are clear, the services offered are quite large, and you can check what other users are saying about a preferred contractor before you engage him. So, except for a few dissatisfied users, Porch has good ratings from users.

Verdict: Well above average. Recommended.

4. Home Advisor Handyman Services:

Home Advisor is one of American’s most trusted Handyman service platforms. With many “well-verified” reviews and endorsement from customers, you couldn’t be at a loss on the site.

Home Advisor Home Services Review

The site is taunted as the USA’s most extensive network of well-verified home project professionals. And, true to those words, you can find screened professionals that can be quickly vetted through the information on the site.  There are online guides that can help you easily cost your home project even before closing a deal.

Verdict: Recommended.

5. Mr. Handyman Services:

Here is our last one-stop shop for all your home services and repairs.

Mr. Handyman is one of the most popular home improvement professionals around.

This US-based franchise has worked with several homeowners with records to track. It has an extensive list of jobs completed in the states and neighborhoods.

mr Handyman service review

Here is how Mr. Handyman Services works:

  • You click on a link on their site.
  • You will be directed to fill a form.
  • Fill out the information, and a local Mr. Handyman team member will contact you.
  • You will discuss the projects, the details and the cost.
  • Then, you schedule a time when the job will be done.
  • No hassle, get your job done in no time.

Services Offer

Mr. Handyman is a large and proven home service provider with a long list of services to offer. Here is one of the easiest way to get good handyman services.

Below are some of the residential services offered by them.

  • Attic
  • Bathrooms repairs and fixing
  • Basement works
  • Office layout, fixing and repairs
  • Bedroom fixing and repairs services
  • Deck and Patio
  • Repairs, installations and services at the living and dining rooms, kitchen and study rooms.
  • They also work on ceilings, provide door services, Interior and outdoor services.
  • You can also have your walls/drywalls fixed or repaired and get new or old windows fixed.

The scope of their services includes assembling, electrical, plumbing and maintenance. They also do carpentry, installation, painting and remodeling amongst others. Apart from home services, Mr. Handyman has also undertaken numerous commercial services with clear handyman service reviews online.


Mr. Handyman has a rich and robust approval from previous clients. Online, it has over 70% approvals of CEOs. Individual clients also give above average approval. Apart from a couple of disgruntled technicians with the company, Mr. Handyman is mostly considered an excellent choice.

Verdict: Recommended.


There are hundreds of handyman and professional home service providers all over. But, if you are one person who is concerned about quality, security and cost, you should give these recommended providers a chance.

The advantages here are numerous. You have the chance to see reviews of the people to work with you. The services are formally booked, so there is no problem or fear of things going out of control. You can also be relatively sure there won’t be surprises back at home. Also, it’s easier getting local experts through these platforms than any others. The advantages keep mounting as we keep counting.

Lastly, you also need to consider the cost. Minor jobs around, if left unattended to may end up gulping all your savings over time. Instead of waiting for big contractors with scaring prices, you save yourself a lot of bucks and headaches. Get in touch in time and save time and money!

But then, have you ever used any of these service providers? Do you have a specific experience that could be helpful to others? Would you like to request for further information? Let’s get talking.

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