Finding Helpful Residential Demolition Contractors

You will need to make sure any residential demolition tasks you need to have completed can be handled through the services of a talented group that understands the ins and outs of residential demolition tasks.

Best Residential Demolition Contractors

You can contact many residential demolition contractors, but you must also look at how well these groups can work for you when getting a great demolition plan up and running.

The groups you will read about here offer many services and solutions for your needs.

From complete demolition services to tasks that focus on very specific parts of your property, you can rest assured that the contractors you look for can help you with every bit of the demolition task that you need to have finished.

If you want a masonry contractor to construct a house, walkway or anything then you can find some companies here.

Residential Demolition Companies Near Me:


1. Home Advisor

Home Advisor is the first choice to look at for exterior and interior demolition services. Home Advisor offers access to contractors around the country who can work well for you.

home advisor Residential Demolition services near me

Functions Offered

Home Advisors helps clients by helping them to find residential demolition groups and getting their services reserved.

Part of this entails finding groups that focus on specific types of demolition tasks including ones for clearing out individual rooms in a property for a large-scale renovation task.

Reserving Services

It is easy to get services ready through Home Advisor. Click on the particular service provider that you wish to work with and then add information on the certain type of service you need help with.

You can book an appointment to speak with someone at a specific time.


Expect to spend around $2,000 to $10,000 for residential demolition services. The cost varies by provider and how long it will take to complete a task.

Remember that the cleanup process will likely be a part of the task at hand, thus adding to what you might expect to spend on services.

2. Porch

Porch is another good choice to find when looking for help with interior demolition services.

Porch showcases contractors from all parts of the country.

Porch Residential Demolition services

What a Listing Shows

Each listing that you will get off of Porch will help you identify the many things that contractors with Porch can offer. Porch helps you identify where a group is based out of and the service areas it works in.

An entry will show the specific types of services a team can handle. These include tasks for demolishing surfaces, removing floors, managing material reclamation, and clearing out bricks and other items.

Details on the licenses that a group has should be included too. You can find information on any certifications a group has earned for its work over time.

Each group has reviews available for you to peruse as well to help you see what services are right for the demands you may have when getting a task ready for full completion.

Reserving a Service

You can get a service reserved through Porch by getting to the site and searching for groups based on your zip code. You can click to request a quote from a certain group based on the task you want to have completed.

The site gives full information on everything you can do to set up a task and make it work right in any situation you hold.


The cost of a service from a contractor on Porch will vary based on the contractor’s standards and the size of the task. You could spend at least $10,000 on getting a task completed.

3. Cherry Demolition

Your third choice for a service is Cherry Demolition.

The Houston-area business serves people in the region with many helpful demolition tasks for commercial properties and homes alike.

cherry Demolition service company

Helpful Services

Cherry Demolitions works around the Houston area to provide people with demolition services for inside and outside a home.

You can hire a team to work on properties whether you need to remove one room from a space or you need to get an entire wall removed from outside of the home.

The work that Cherry performs is done with precision and care in mind to ensure your space is treated accordingly.

Asset recovery services are available as well. This works as any recoverable materials may be sold off to provide you with a better return on your investment.

Reserving Services

You would have to call the Cherry Demolitions office in the Houston area for help, although the group also has a website you can utilize for asking for services.


You would have to get a quote from Cherry to see what can be done here, but the services would require you to spend about $10,000 in most cases.


How Are the Materials Cleared out in the Demolition Property?

The tools used by a demolition team will vary based on the task being undertaken. You may expect to see a team use larger bulldozer-like vehicles during the largest tasks.

What Types of Surfaces Can Be Removed by a Demolition Team?

Bricks, glass, concrete, asphalt, and even carpeted surfaces can be removed by a team.

The process for clearing these items off of a space will vary. A demolition team will need to handle the removal process to keep those items from moving out.

Can Items Be Salvaged in the Demolition Process?

Some groups may work to salvage old bricks and other items that can be reused or sold to a larger audience. Check with what a contractor can do to see how well the process works and if you can claim anything being salvaged.

Don’t Forget the Permit

You may be required to get a permit to demolish a surface or space in your property before you can hire one of these interior demolition services.

Check with your local government to see what you can do about getting a permit. The process for doing so heavily varies by each location one may be looking for help in.

Expect to spend around $200 for the demolition permit that you would require. The cost of the permit should be included in the overall price for your service. A contractor should assist you with taking care of the legal paperwork in this case.

Final Verdict

The best group to check out for your residential demolition demands is certainly Porch.

The detailed information provided on Porch is more useful and will help people with getting an idea of what to expect out of certain groups. The simplicity involved can make a difference when getting a plan ready too.

Take a look at all of these options when finding a smart plan for your residential demolition demands. The individual contractors you can contact for help will assist you with many of the special demolition tasks that you might have to work with.

The services are all designed to give you the most out of your work and how it may stand out.

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