Get the Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors of 2021

Hardwood floors are very beautiful and blend with their environment conveniently.

This is why most people prefer them for offices and sometimes homes. However, as much as they are a good pick for an office floor, they are easily bruised and destroyed by chairs.

best chair mats for hardwood floors

This is why it would be important for you to get some sort of protection for them. Chair mats help to protect hard wood floors from damage by chairs.

They prevent scratches and bruises that may occur due to the use of chairs. They achieve this by spreading the pressure from the chair evenly. If you want floor or carpet cleaning service near you, then you can find it here.

The following is a review of the best chair mats for hardwood floors:

Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors Reviews:

The chair mats that we have reviewed here are some of the best ones in the market. You can therefore trust that they will work to preserve your beautiful floor from any sort of damage or scratch.

  1. Double Check Office Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Double check office polycarbonate best chair mat for carpetThis chair mat has been made from non-breakable polycarbonate material which makes it heavy duty.

It is made to protect surfaces from wear and tear due to the rolling of chairs. This assures one that when seated and moving around, no much damage will be done. Under normal usage, the mat can sustain cracks and scratches.

You should however not place furniture on top of the mat as it would lead to its depreciation in quality.


  • It is free from toxic elements.
  • Scratch proof.
  • Does not discolor.
  • Does not crack if used properly.
  • Protects surfaces from damage.

  • Not thick enough.
  1. Yoshiko Chair Mat Review

Yoshiko chair mat reviewsYet another great chair mat is this one here.

It features a smooth and textured side that protects the flooring under the chair. It is made of durable material that has a dull finish.

The good thing about it is that it is transparent such that the floor can be seen easily.


  • It is made of durable, odourless material.
  • Clear for easy visibility of the floor.
  • Protects the floor that is underneath.
  • Has a good texture feel.

  • Not ideal for carpeting.
  1. Ilyapa Office Chair Mat

Ilyapa Office Chair MatThis is also a great chair mat for hardwood floors. It comes in different sizes and shapes depending on user preferences.

It is made of two different sides which include the smooth side and the textured side. This is in order to favour all groups of individuals, those who would love the smooth side and those who would love the textured one.

It is also made clear so that you can be able to see the floor easily without strain. It is definitely the ideal choice for hardwood flooring.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Scuff resistant.
  • Durable.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Clear for easy visibility of the floor.
  • It is shipped flat thus you don’t need to flatten it by your own.

  • Lacks a bevelled edge.
  1. Deflecto Economat Clear Chair Mat

Deflecto economat clear chair matMany people love to move around with their chairs while in the office or even at home.

As much as this is enjoyable, it can prove to be a mess on the floor with the kind of damage that it causes. Luckily there is a solution for you. T

he Deflecto economat clear chair mat is the ideal pick for hardwood flooring. You wouldn’t like to lose the freedom of rolling and this is why it would be important to use a chair mat like this one to protect your floor.

As the name suggests, the floor mat is clear so that you can always view the floor. It comes in different shapes and sizes to choose from.


  • It is clear for easy visibility of the floor.
  • They are free from cadmium, BPA and phthalate.
  • It is durable.
  • Available in different sizes and shapes.

  • It is shipped rolled and thus you would need to flatten it yourself.
  1. Office Marshal PVC Chair Mat

Office marshal PVC chair matLast but not least on the list of hardwood chair mats is this amazing piece. When you know you are prone to moving around with your chair by rolling, it would be best for you to acquire this floor mat for your house or office.

This is actually a great chair mat for your flooring and will definitely protect it from bruises and damage. You will continue to view your beautiful floor even when using this floor mat since it is transparent.

In addition, it neatly blends with the surrounding making it look even better than it already is.


  • It is transparent for one to see the floor easily.
  • Has a non-slip protection.
  • Designed to prevent wear and tear.
  • Reduces leg fatigue.
  • Provides complete stability.

  • Limited global shipping.


Advantages of chair mats

Chair mats have various advantages that may interest you to purchase them. For instance, look at the following great advantages:

Mobility: Chair mats are made to improve the rolling capabilities of chairs on floors thus making it easier for you to move around.

Eliminates repair cost: To be honest, the cost of repairing a floor that has been damaged by a chair is more expensive than just replacing a worn out chair mat. This shows you how important these items are.

Increases the floor lifespan: By reducing damage that can be made on the floor by the use of chairs, these awesome items increase the lifespan of the floor by a great extent.

Cleaning: It is easier and cheaper to clean a chair mat as compared to cleaning the floor. The chair mats prevent damage to the floor and dirt too.


In summary, chair mats help a great deal to save on flooring. They are quite affordable and economical in the long run.

Therefore depending on your tastes and preferences, you can choose a mat that favors you and your floor. There are many of them in the market but we believe the ones above are some of the best you will find.

As much as all of them are best chair mats for hardwood floors, but we recommend Ilyapa office chair mat as the one that can favor most customers.


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