Best TV Mounting Service: The Latest Trend for Stylish Homes

Everything you need to know about the Best TV mounting services trend and TV installations services that are sweeping through homes, and

rightfully so, is what we aim to present to you in this brilliant write-up that discusses the intricacies of how TV mounting service providers operate, the different scopes of their installations and what that means for your home.

At the end of this article, the reader is expected to recognize the mounting services and the variety of options associated with installations.

best tv mounting service

We will also provide our top five TV installation services to help you make informed decisions when you decide to employ any of the services discussed below.

Professional TV mounting services are not hard to find, but we want our readers to get the very best which is why we have narrowed down our top 5 TV mounting services that factored in location, price professionalism, and speed. Below is our comprehensive list:

# Professional TV Mounting Service Near Me:


#1. Amazon Home TV Mounting Service

Per the Amazon website, their TV installation service borders around helping customers avoid the stress associated with TV mounting, which can be a time-consuming job for a non-professional.

Amazon tv mounting service near me

All details should be provided beforehand so ensure to include the addition or omission of essential tools like the power cord, TV mount, and TV itself. Mounting services do not include a provision of a TV set by Amazon.

Why Amazon TV mounting service?

The operation mode of Amazon is a huge reason why it leads our list as every step is meticulous.

When you place an order for the mounting service, your order is relayed to the nearest service professionals around you who bid and converse with you to understand your requirements and estimates. This helps you to choose the agent you are most comfortable with.

Reviews on the website are all from verified purchases which have been generally favorable. This played an important role in choosing this particular service as our top choice.


  • Service pros compete for your business based on quality, availability, and price.

  • Amazon mounting service works only for drywall installations.
  • Installations cannot be provided over the fireplace.

 Range/Coverage Area

As a licensed home installation service provider, Amazon possesses the human resources to reach out to clients across any location in the United States.

When you order for a TV mounting service job, you will be provided with a professional who has passed a six-point criminal background check for safety.

Likewise, all service pros are insured, licensed, and handpicked for the specific type of installation that a client wants.

Cost Estimates/Payment Method

All payments are made when the project has been completed as stated on the company’s service page.

Amazon claims you can reschedule at any point in time and since there is no down payment, you do not have to worry about refunds. All payments are placed as an order on the site, and there is usually no cash involved or direct payment to an individual.

This policy makes Amazon TV mounting service the best as it eliminates any back and forth about price or refunds. Prices can range from $79 to $19 depending on many factors.

#2. Home Advisor TV Mounting Service

Home Advisor is a large enterprise that specializes in catering for client’s home needs, part of which includes providing them with the best TV mounting service.

Home Advisor aims to operate in a manner that is different from their competitors as they focus mainly on smart TVs.

Home Advisor TV Mounting Service

With a far-reaching network of service professionals, the company is exceptional at providing quality TV mounting services across all the states in the USA. The company also verifies state-level licensing for subcontractors under their network.

Why choose Home Advisor?

Home Advisor, true to their name, connects you with a list of numerous mounting services. They serve as a retailer for clients who want to get a speedy installation within minimal time.

The website acts as an encyclopedia of mounting service experts, and you can choose from any of these depending on your zip code. This represents an efficient strategy which this author finds impressive and direct.


  • Great for small tasks.

  • Poor customer service regarding complaints.
  • Assigned contractors do not usually follow up leads or act professionally during estimations.

Range/Coverage Area

The website lists the highest number of states and areas where you are most likely to get a similar match for your TV mounting task.

Major parts of the United States are covered, and we can bet they have a comprehensive network for lesser-known areas.

Cost Estimates/Payment Methods

This is a vague area with Home Advisor as you will be dealing directly with the service pros and negotiating with them individually.

What the company does to ease this burden is that they provide a cost guide that includes a list of similar projects and a price list for different home service professionals. It all comes down to how best you can present the task over the phone with the agent and negotiate.

#3. Walmart TV Mounting Service

Walmart’s TV mounting service is outsourced through the Porch platform.

The company does not deal directly with home installations hence the need for a subsidiary that can cater to clients’ needs. Porch home service is a network of over 80,000 seasoned service pros that are adept at in-house installations.

walmart and porch tv mounting service

The service company works by providing potential customers with a user interface that includes a list of professional jobs, cost guides, and projects that you can use to narrow down your search until you get the perfect TV mounting service pro.

Why choose Walmart TV/Porch Home Service?              

The completeness of the Porch network is one of the reasons why it ranks highly on our list.

With this Walmart subsidiary, customers have the benefit of scouring through a number of cost guides and previous projects to have a better idea of prices, samples of related projects, and the incredible

Home Assistant that acts as a matchmaker to help you get the best service pros, tools and general services.

The Home Assistant is designed to act as a Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant type of service but strictly for procuring service pros and home installation tools.

Range/Coverage Area

Similar to the above-mentioned services, Walmart operates an expansive network through Porch but warn that not all services or all areas are available. The TV mounting service is available throughout the week and can be fixed for any time between mornings to evening.

Service costs and fees

Walmart’s TV mounting service is powered by Porch, and the company has its pricing and payment which can be seen on the service item page when you purchase the TV mounting service, just before adding it to the cart.

To confirm the price, it is suggested that you speak with your service pro to confirm that the scope of work you are requesting for is not outside the scope you purchased to avoid additional charges.


  • Top notch customer service.
  • Reliability and expertise.
  • Excellent artistry.

  • The possibility of additional charges when the service pro arrives on site.
  • Impromptu cancellations.


#4. Best Buy TV Mounting Service

Customers of Best buy should be familiar with the company and their Geek Squad agents who specialize in working on mounting services and general installations in the USA and Canada.

Best Buy tv mounting service

Best Buy TV mounting service is one of the most popular services for clients in the United States looking to get a quick fix for their TVs.

A major reason why the company excels compared to its competitors is the competitive pricing and 90-day artistry warranty for all home installation services.

Why we rate Best Buy?

Best Buy TV installation service revolves around helping the clients avoid the hassle of lifting, drilling, and installing according to the company’s service page.

The company performs a terrific job at keeping up this claim with a handful of elements like the specially trained Geek Squad agents, and provision of a platform where clients can purchase tools and other items.

Coverage Area/Working Schedule

Despite the best efforts of the Geek Squad, Best Buy TV mounting service does not provide their service to all areas and are limited in their reach.

The company, however, makes up for it with excellent workmanship in areas they can work at. Most of the major cities in the United States fall under the Best Buy network.

Payment options and pricing

The Best Buy website claims basic TV mounting installation sits at a tidy $129.99. However, depending on the additions to be added, the installation can climb as high as $499.99.

The site caters to your budget by providing a list of parameters you can use to streamline the specifics of the scope of your work. To confirm a purchase, you add the product/service to the cart where you can pay through PayPal and credit cards.


  • 3-month warranty.
  • Experienced service professionals.
  • Free In-home consultation.

  • Limited coverage area.
  • There can be significant personnel issues with bookings.


#5. Costco TV Mounting Service

While companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Dell are regarded as high end, Costco represents a smaller sized retail option for clients who are after low priced TV mounting services.

costco tv mounting service

Costco offers one of the best flat screen TV wall mount installation services in the USA that can keep up with other top quality options. Costco is one of the cheapest options to purchase a TV and a professional TV mounting service.

Coverage Network

Costco is available for TV mounting services from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8 am to 7 pm.

The company’s TV installation service covers the entirety of the United States and is subject to individual patronage. The best way to get quality service is by purchasing the TV and other essentials from the website as a package deal.


Payment is made via credit cards, PayPal, and coupons. All TV mounting services are added to the cart to notify the appropriate service professionals who will deliver the TV and work on the installation.


  • Accompanying purchased item.
  • Free delivery.

  • Too many negative reviews regarding the quality of installations.



Choosing our top 5 TV mounting services has been no easy feat with the number of factors to consider.

Depending on what you prioritize during the installation process, you can choose any of the above-mentioned platforms to provide you with a quality TV mounting service.

Most clients usually prefer a system where they can deal directly with the service pros while others prefer designated agents.

Refund policies and payment methods also differ for the different services, so it would be wise to decide to suit your needs by choosing a TV mounting service that ticks all your boxes.

With the information provided, we believe that you should be able to make informed choices based on the list that has factored in price, delivery, expertise, and coverage area.

We understand that many readers will have experience with some of these services.

Are you one of such readers? Do you have any recommendations for a TV mounting service that did not make our list? Then, be sure to drop your comments and questions in the box below.



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