Step By Step: Repair Bonded Leather Sofa Peeling

No one wants to bear with a bonded leather sofa surface peeling up.

The peeling around such a surface will become problematic after a while for many reasons.

>First, the surface that peels up can stick onto one’s body and clothes.

>Second, the peeling will cause the texture of the sofa to become uneven.

But even more importantly, the overall appearance of your leather sofa will start to wear out.

The surface will look unusual and discolored. The surface may also be at risk of punctures and other commonplace damages.

How to Repair Bonded Leather Sofa Peeling

The following steps may be used to help you repair such a sofa before the issue can become worse.

Be sure to use these steps when you start to notice difficulties in how a leather sofa might be built.

Step-1: Look for a proper bonded leather sofa repair kit.

A repair kit may come with a backing fabric and adhesive material, not to mention some small bits of paint that you can mix up to cover up a repaired space.

A kit such as the Fortivo Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit is a good choice to have

Step-2: Cut a part of the leather that is peeling off of the surface.

Step-3: Clean off the area you cut with a lint-free cloth. Add a small bit of water onto the surface to clear out any loose bits of bonded leather.

Step-4: Add backing fabric over the area. The fabric should be cut to fit the area that must be repaired.

A backing fabric may come with a sofa repair kit. The fabric you apply should be about a few millimeters larger than the area that has to be treated. This is to add a slight leeway for getting the surface fixed up accordingly.

A thin upholstery batting surface may be used if you do not have a backing fabric to work with. The process for cutting the fabric to a proper size will be the same.

Step-5: Add vinyl adhesive over the fabric. Keep it under the edge of the bonded leather.

Step-6: Allow the adhesive to dry for a few hours so it can settle into a space.

The key at this point is that the backing material will blend in with the rest of the bonded leather. This works for as big or small or a surface as needed provided you cut everything accordingly and apply the new surface well enough.

Step-7: Add a bit of color onto the surface. You may use some paint materials that come with your repair kit as well as color guide.

Be sure the color you apply onto the bonded leather surface is as consistent as the original color on the leather as possible. This is to produce a more comfortable surface all the way through.

Step-8: Add a gentle sandpaper material onto the treated area after the paint dries off.

A 320-grit sandpaper material is good for buffing a surface without tearing anything up.


Final Word: All of these steps for repairing a peeling bonded leather sofa should help you to keep the appearance of the sofa looking great no matter how old it is or how widespread the peeling might be.

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