Finding the Best Cabinet Makers For Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are good for more than just storing various cooking and food preparation or serving items.

These cabinets also add a beautiful layout to your kitchen that makes it a valuable place for people to meet and relax at.

You can find various cabinet maker companies that can help you produce the best custom made cabinets that fit your kitchen.

best cabinet makers

There are a few choices for the best cabinet makers that you can contact.

Best Custom Cabinet Makers Near Me:

1. Home Advisor – Plan Cabinets In Many Forms

Home Advisor is a helpful choice to start with as you look for the right provider. The site has become noteworthy for helping people to find local contractors that will assist you with many home improvement tasks.

Home advisor custom cabinet makers near me

You can visit Home Advisor to review information on various contractors based on the type of cabinet-related task you need someone to handle. The site provides an extensive listing of parameters that you can use when planning an installation or repair service.

Types of Services

You can get new cabinets installed in your home through a contractor you hire through Home Advisor. You can get pre-made or customized cabinets installed.

You can also ask for a contractor to repair any existing cabinets you have. Refinishing or refacing services are also available for your use.

Home Advisor’s contractors can be hired for different types of cabinets. You can contact people who can help you with not only kitchen cabinets but also your bathroom, basement, and garage cabinets.

Coverage Area

Home Advisor links you up to many cabinet installation and repair contractors in your area. List your zip code to find a contractor located where you are.


Each contractor that you contact through Home Advisor should be reviewed based on the licenses that one holds. You can find information on each contractor page to see what experiences a team has and what approvals or endorsements the entity has earned.

Payment Options

You can use a basic credit card to pay for the services that you hire from Home Advisor. But since the installation service can cost thousands of dollars in some cases, you can also get funds from a loan sent out to your contractor if you prefer.

2. Amazon Wall Cabinet Installation  – Get New Cabinets In Many Forms

Amazon Service is a contractor-for-hire part of the prominent Amazon online retail site. With this, you can hire a group that can provide you with help with getting a new cabinet added to your home.

amazon cabinet installation service near me

Amazon helps you to find a professional who is has a listing with Amazon Services. You will choose the specific service you need to work with and then select the proper professional who will assist you based on where you live. The process for ordering services is nearly identical to what you would use when buying other products from Amazon.

Types of Services

You can order one of many installation plans from Amazon Services. You can ask to get a single, dual, or triple-door cabinet installed. All mounting brackets will be prepared and added by your professional. All packaging materials used will also be removed after the installation is complete, thus providing you with a clean space after the setup is complete.

Coverage Area

You can enter your zip code to find information on the people nearest you who can help you through Amazon Services.


All contractors are required to be licensed in their fields before they can be listed with Amazon Services. Contact each contractor for information on what licenses they utilize. Amazon has a guarantee where you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the completed work.

Payment Options

You can use the same payment options that you use for other Amazon purchases on the Amazon Services site.

Amazon Cabinet Repair Service– Available For Fixing the Toughest Surfaces

You can also contact people through Amazon Services for help with repairing your cabinets. You can get various problems relating to a cabinet fixed up, including cases where the layout appears broken or askew.

amazon cabinet repair service near me

Types of Services

You can get multiple cabinets fixed up by a professional. You can ask for assistance with fixing a broken door hinge, a sagging shelf, or even a broken handle. Contractors can provide you with replacement parts or with fixing up various surfaces that might not be working.

The coverage, licensing, and payment features of Amazon Services’ cabinet repair service are identical to what you would get off of other Amazon Services processes.

3. Amish Cabinet Company – A Full-Service Team For Your Cabinets

The Amish Cabinet Company is a company that focuses on producing only the best-quality cabinets for your kitchen. The company uses a distinct process for creating fine surfaces.

Amish kitchen cabinet makers in the USA

The team makes its cabinets with machines that operate on clean-burning diesel fuel. All designs are produced to the nearest eighth of an inch, thus ensuring the materials being produced will look their best with precise details added. Unique curves and accents can be added around the outside part of each cabinet.

Types of Services

You can talk with the Amish Cabinet Company for getting a space planned for your kitchen. You can speak with an expert here about seeing what you can get out of a cabinet and how well a spot may be laid out.

A 3D design can also be planned out based on not only how your cabinets will look but also how well you can store things inside them. All the shelves and other features of the cabinets will be analyzed and planned out at this juncture. Full installation services are available for your use as well.

Finishes can also be prepared for your cabinets to create a special appearance. You can get a new finish added onto any cabinet with an emphasis on wood grain designs among others.

Coverage Area

The Amish Cabinet Company serves people throughout the Chicago area with their cabinet installation needs.

Payment Options

People can cover their purchases with credit card transactions or through financing plans depending on the value of the cabinets being produced.


What To Review

Each of the three cabinet makers that you have read about here will be helpful for many of your installation and repair demands, but it is essential for you to notice what each maker has to offer. You must look at the following points when finding the best cabinet makers near you:

  • Review if they can produce pre-made or customized cabinets.
  • See if you can find a team that can install new cabinets or repair existing ones.
  • Check on whether a group can help you out in your specific area. All entities have specific coverage areas.
  • Review all licenses that an installer holds.
  • See what payment options are available.
  • Review any warranties that an installer has; this is to protect you if anything wrong happens within a certain period after the installation process is finished.

Understanding Licenses

People who work with cabinets are not required to have licenses, although it is best for you only to hire groups that are licensed to work in homes. These include groups that have the appropriate licenses from their local governmental entities to provide handyman services.

You should also see that whoever you hire has the proper insurance needed for handling your cabinets. This includes liability insurance to cover any damages that may come about during the installation or repair process.

What Is the Price?

The cost for getting services from a cabinet maker will vary based on many factors:

  • Larger tasks that entail more doors or cabinet surfaces will require you to spend more money.
  • You will pay less if you use pre-made cabinets. Customized cabinets made specifically for your spot will cost more.
  • Any special finishes on your cabinets may also cost more money for you to use. These finishes include ones that might be made with a specific type of physical organization in mind.

How Long Does the Task Take?

You may expect to spend about a week or two with getting your new cabinets set up. The timing will vary based on the size of the installation and how elaborate the layout is.

Our Verdict

We have determined that Home Advisor is the top choice among the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Home Advisor provides you with many choices for handling different tasks. The selection of contractors from Home Advisor and the extended variety of services that you can utilize make Home Advisor a great choice for your use.

Check around to see who can work for you specific cabinet-related needs. You can find many great groups that will assist you with every aspect of getting a new cabinet set up in your home or with getting an existing one fixed the right way.

But be sure when working with a group that you have one that is available to help you where you are located. A quality team that can produce appealing cabinets that fit your home is always worth hiring.

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