What is the Best Awning Company Near Me That You Can Hire Today?

As great as it can be to have a beautiful patio outside your home, you need to ensure the patio is covered accordingly.

An awning can be added to your space to create enough shade to keep the area from being too hot or bright.

You can also get an awning for your business. An awning manufacturers near me can create a nice shade outside the windows of your business.

Awning Company near me

You can even get your awning to come with a beautiful custom print that features your company’s name or logo among other things. But you must look around at the choices you have when hiring an awning company for your use.

You can contact many great awning service providers, but one can truly be the best awning company for your home’s needs.

Let’s look at a few of the best choices that you can consider when getting an awning surface ready at your home.

Awning Installers and Repair Company Near Me


1. Amazon – Hire An Expert To Help

Your first option to consider for an awning is Amazon.

You can find many useful awnings for your needs, but there is more to Amazon than just providing you with an awning for your home.

best awning from amazon

With Amazon, you can get in touch with a local service provider that can help you with getting a new awning ready and installed at your home or business.

To use this, you can select to get either a retractable or fixed awning set up. After this, you will enter your zip code to find information on the nearest professional who can help you with this.

You can use the service to get someone to come out to your property, although you should look at the type of awning material that your expert will help you with to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job.

Installation Provided? Installation is available for surfaces up to eight feet out.

Location of Business: Washington, although professionals are available throughout the country.

Areas Serviced: Most of the United States; enter your zip code to find available groups.

2. Sunsetter Retractable Awning Reviews- A Flexible Choice

Sun Setter Awnings provides various attractive awnings with many of them including motors for moving them in and out. Some manually-operated and portable models are also available.

Each Sun Setter awning features an SPF 50 rating as it keeps UVA and UVB rays from being a problem at your home. The awnings can also resist winds of around 50 miles per hour on average.

Installation Provided? Installation is available in select areas.

Location of Business: Massachusetts; the business serves the entire country.

Areas Serviced: All parts of the United States.

3. Eclipse – Perfect For Many Homes

Eclipse produces flexible awnings for many properties. You can order a retractable model that uses Advanced Belt Technology.

The design uses a hidden arm belt and adds more tension onto the awning. The design ensures the awning will move out well and will not wear out quick like a cable or chain-based model would.

Installation Provided? Independent Eclipse providers offer support.

Location of Business: New York; serves the whole country.

Areas Serviced: Much of the country, but enter in your zip code on the site to confirm.

4. Mary Grove – Available For Residential and Commercial Use

Mary Grove is a company that makes awnings for homes and businesses alike. These include storefront awnings and surfaces for outdoor seating areas.

These awnings can be colored in many forms and can also be customized to include custom print or logo features for business use.

Installation Provided? No

Location of Business: Michigan

Areas Serviced: Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas.

5. Aleko Awning Near Me – Focusing On Maintenance

Aleko helps people with not only getting new awnings but also with getting the fabric replacements that people may require over time.

The company also offers awnings in many sizes, including motorized models that are 10×20 feet in size. You can also find some compact awnings that go five feet out from your spot.

Installation Provided? No.

Location of Business: Washington

Areas Serviced: All of the United States can buy awnings from Aleko online.

6. Sunshade – Order One With a Quality Valence

Sunshade awnings are made with strong UVA and UVB-blocking materials. Each awning also covers fire safety standards.

You can also get your awning accentuated with a beautiful valence. The accent can come with a series of square or circular bends around its body, thus creating a more noticeable surface. This point works well for commercial sites.

Installation Provided? Yes.

Location of Business: California

Areas Serviced: Much of the San Francisco Bay area.

7. Majestic Awning – Ideal For Extended Properties

Majestic Awning has awning surfaces up to 40 feet wide. You can also order an extra-long awning that goes up to 16 feet from your space.

You can get an awning from Majestic installed with a motor if desired. Each awning is designed with its poles and support features spaced out evenly from one another to produce a full body of coverage.

Installation Provided? Yes.

Location of Business: New Jersey.

Areas Serviced: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.

8. Solair Awning – Visualize Your Awning Before You Buy

Solair Awning gives you the option to review what your awning will look like before you buy it. The company’s website helps you analyze the awning you wish to use based on a photo of your home.

You can use this to figure out how long and wide your awning should be. Solair also offers its awnings in many solid and patterned colors to match up with your home.

Installation Provided? No.

Location of Business: United States.

Areas Serviced: Throughout the country.

9. Advining Awning – Portable Options Are Available

You can order one of many designs from Advining with some of the company’s portable awnings being among its most popular items.

You can also request a smaller awning surface for an individual door outside your property. The company’s online visualizer and measuring guide will help you review what you can use.

Installation Provided? No, although the website provides full instructional videos.

Location of Business: California

Areas Serviced: People around the country can order awnings.

10. Americana Awning – Flexible For All Uses

The choices you have to work with from Americana Awning include ones that feature valences on their ends.

You can also order ones with visible metal supports on the top or ones where the supports are hidden. Awnings are also available for windows and doors.

Installation Provided? No, although each product comes with all the parts needed.

Location of Business: Illinois

Areas Serviced: Check the website’s dealer locator.

11. Thompson Awning – Many Beautiful Physical Designs and Patterns Available

Find different physical layouts for an awning from Thompson. The company has flat and curved awnings available in both fabric and metal forms.

Some of these models are retractable as well. Each canopy is also UV-rated to protect people and buildings from UV damages.

Installation Provided? No.

Location of Business: Florida

Areas Serviced: Florida, particularly the Jacksonville area.

12. KC Tent – Custom Art Designs Are Available

Make your awning for your home or business stand out with a model from KC Tent. The company makes awnings that feature customized color accents and logo designs.

You can submit a design to KC Tent to get your unique layout to come to life. You can order a flat or curved awning for your property’s use.

Installation Provided? Yes.

Location of Business: Missouri.

Areas Serviced: Particularly the Kansas City region.

13. Rainier – Makers of Sustainable Awnings

Each awning made by Rainier is designed with water-soluble inks and few PVC-based materials.

The awnings are designed with vibrant layouts and colors. Various motorized models are available; you can use a smartphone or tablet app to activate your awning.

Installation Provided? It depends on the dealer you contact.

Location of Business: Washington state.

Areas Serviced: Check the Rainier website to see if your area has a dealer.

Important Points

What Is An Awning?

An awning is a large material that is added to the side of your house. This consists of a canvas or other fabric that goes over the porch or patio area. The fabric is supported by a metal base that will keep the material laid out properly over your area.

The primary purpose of the awning is to keep excess heat and sunlight from getting onto the patio or porch surface. The awning can also keep rain or snow from falling on the surface.

What Is An Awning Window?

An awning window can be added to an awning surface. This is an outward-opening window that allows for a slight bit of ventilation in a property. The window is utilized let air in even during a light rainstorm.

Awning vs. Canopy

An awning is different from a canopy in that an awning is designed to be retractable. That is, the base of the awning will be at the side of the house. The awning surface can move in and out of the base. A canopy is different as it is a freestanding material outside of the home without an anchor base.

Your awning would work as a permanent fixture for your home with the intention of you using it throughout the year. You don’t have to take it down and put it back up like what you would do with a canopy.

The seamless design of an awning along your home also ensures no excess light will go into your home. The layout keeps heat from entering the house, not to mention keeping rain from being a hassle. This is different from a canopy that might let a bit of light in between the edge of your house and where the canopy surface starts.

Types of Awnings

You can choose from one of many great awnings for your home. Here are a few choices:

  • Retractable. This option uses a base that will store the fabric for your awning. You can move the fabric outward when needed and then move it back into the base when you do not need it. Some retractable models come with small motors.
  • Fixed. A fixed model uses a permanent structure that features metal supports that keep the awning in its place.
  • Portable. You can also get a portable awning that can stretch out and cover any spot you want to add it at. An umbrella-based awning is one choice.

How Does the Awning Move In and Out?

A chain or cable-based system can be utilized on your awning to allow the surface to move in and out of a base. Some metal poles with flexible joints may also be incorporated into your awning if you prefer to go in that route. A motor can also be included at the base, although that is an optional feature.

Review the Size

Awnings can be found in an assorted variety of sizes. You can find awnings that are up to 15 to 20 feet wide.

Regarding its reach, an awning will often go from 5 to 10 feet from the base of your home depending on your model.

The Final Word

We have determined that Amazon is the best choice for your awning needs, what with the group offering more choices and support from many installers. But the overall choice for who you will contact for an awning is completely up to you.

Take a look at all of these choices when finding the right awning company for your use. Today’s rv awning companies provide many quality products with some of them offering full installation services. But be sure when contacting someone for help that you find an entity that works in your area and offers quality models that fit the demands you have for an awning.


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